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This is where we answer the most frequently asked questions with regards to our solution. You might find these helpful. However if you have any questions beyond these, please feel free to reach out any time at


How does this work? 
Well, we spent more than a year with the development of our door visualizing solution. It includes some pretty complex algorithms as we don't only place and squeeze 2D images - we do also lighten them and apply shadows for the most realistic appeal one can achieve.​

I don't have such nice pictures of our doors. What to do? 

Don't worry! You don't need to photograph every single of your doors in a real world szenario to get these images. Such images are being created with photo editing software. We'll be able to help you with the creation of your door images if you want us to.

How much does this cost? 

DoorVision comes with a reasonable price tag as a monthly subscription fee. Reach out to to find out about the price. 

How long will it take us to get this running? 

You got all your door images at hand? Then you can go live within a week via our Admin Panel. 
If you'd like to set-up an API to transfer doors and their related information from your shop system to DoorVision then this will require a brief conversation between our technical team and yours. Usually it takes 1-2 months to set-up such an api. Meanwhile you can always start with manual uploads via the admin panel. 

Does the solution also support double doors and entrance doors?

Yes. both aren't a problem at all.

It's nice, but does it really help sell doors?
It does. We get incredibly great feedback from our existing customers.

How do we get the most ROI out of this? 

In general we've made the experience that you'll benefit the most, if you invest some time to really integrate DoorVision in your customer journey.  APIs to keep your range up to date help. Links on all your product detail pages help. iFrame integration to your webshop helps... We've got plenty options - let's discuss all of them in a brief meeting.

Do you have an API documentation? 

Yes we do. Reach out to to get the latest link. 

Can we get this exclusively within our market? 

Yes. If you're the first company from your country to use DoorVision, then we'll be happy to negotiate exclusivity. We've gut such agreements running for some markets already.

Do we need 3D images of our doors? 

No, we work with 2D images. (jpg. or png) 

Why don't you do this in AR? 

DoorVision works with a technology called 'Static Augmented Reality'. We've chosen this since it's best consumeable for users. With classic AR they'd need to stand in front of their doors for ages. With DoorVision they can simply take a photo and then look at the different options while conveniently sitting on their couch. 

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