This is where we answer the most frequently asked questions with regards to our solution. You might find these helpful. However if you have any questions beyond these, please feel free to reach out any time at info@fluegelspiel.com


How does this work? 
Well, we spent more than a year with the development of our door visualizing solution. It includes some pretty complex algorithms as we don't only place and squeeze 2D images - we do also lighten them and apply shadows for the most realistic appeal one can achieve.

I don't have such nice pictures of our doors. What to do? 

Don't worry! You don't need to photograph every single of your doors in a real world szenario to get these images. Such visualizations are being created with photo editing software. We'll be able to help you with the creation of your door images if you want us to.

How much does this cost? 

We broke our heads over a SAAS pricing package that suits everyone but failed badly. :-) Requirements differ so much from one customer to the other that we decided to have conversations with you guys first and then give you a custom quote. for example: One customer has got everything at hand (door images, shadow profiles, filters...) and would like us to create an API to his backend. At the same time other customers enter this journey on a different starting point, asking us to create doors and shadows from scratch for them. You see? Big differences for our team's efforts. We'll be happy to give you your personal quote once we got to know each other. ;-)

How long will it take us to get this running? 

You got all your door images at hand? You got a designer to spend some time creating shadow profiles for your doors? (we'll provide instructions on how to do that) If you answered thes two with yes, then we'll have you live within less than a month. ;-)

Does the solution also support double doors and entrance doors?

Yes. both aren't a problem at all.

It's nice, but does it really help sell doors?
It does. We get incredibly great feedback from our existing customers.