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Let's get you live!

Easy as 1.2.3

So you decided to give us a shot. We promise you won't regret it one sekond. We'll get you going with DOOR VISION within no time. This page will guide you through a couple of steps you'll need to take in order for us to be able to set up your environment. It won't take long, we promise.  

Colorblock Poster


Let's make sure your customers will recognize it's you and your products when they use the solution.

Please send us the following material:

  1. Your logo for white background

  2. Your logo for dark background

  3. Your primary color (hex colorcode - eg. #219EBC

  4. Your secondary color (hex colorcode - eg. #219EBC



Your products at display 

Once you purchased your package, you'll be provided with a link to your personal admin panel. This is where you'll manage your portfolio.

Please upload / provide your 2D door images in png format. We found out that a dimension of 1920x 895px works best for most users. However you can provide any dimension you want. Our solution supports transparencies of any kind. If you have glass doors or glass cutouts, just deliver the doors with transparencies of your liking. Add milky glass, satined optics, carvings... we're prepared for all of it. Also, provide as many doors as you want. 

Here's a sample for you to download

Colleagues Looking at the Same Screen

3. Content Management

How to fill DoorVision with your products

You have multiple options when it comes to filling DoorVision with your products:

  1. Manual Upload in the admin panel
    (part of the basic package)

  2. Batch import door informations via excel files
    (extra offer based on your needs)

  3. API to your system. We'll pull all the required information and images from your system. This way we're always up to date and (extra offer based on your needs)

2022-03-04 21_19_15-Einstellungen.png

4. Embed into User Journey

Get the most out of it

It is up to you how you want to incorporate DoorVision into your customer experience. Most of our customers placed links on the specific product detail page saying sth like "See this door in your room". The same thing can be done with QR-Codes which you can place in your catalogues or showrooms. Another option is to place banners on your homepage inviting users to try this new door-shopping experience. The more chances you give users to see your visualizations, the more you'll benefit. 

The URL of your DoorVision set-up will look like this: 

Most of our customers are happy with that. However if you'd like to see your original URL for the entire user journey you can achieve that with reverse proxy. (to be implemented on your end) 
Another option is to place DoorVision via iFrame right on your website, so noone ever needs to leave your page. Let us know which option you'd like to go for. 

Here's a brief documentation for your developers. 

2022-03-04 21_16_18-Door vision.png

5. Filters

Decide if you'd like to provide filtering options

Filters are something that is very individual and something that differs a lot from one customer to the other. That's why we don't include them right in our basic package. However we'll be more than happy to custom build your desired filtering options. 

Let us know your thoughts and we'll get it done. 

That's it. With these steps you're ready to rock. But scroll on if you're looking for some extra awesome.




The extra notch of realism

When you add shadow profiles to your doors they will look even cooler and more realistic for your customers. It's a quite simple concept. Our software detects the light sources within a users image and accordingly chooses the suitable shadow file. You'll provide those as pngs as well and also in the 1920x895px ratio. For the magic to work you'll need 5 shadow png's per door set. What's a door set? All doors of the same model, but with only different textures are refered to as a door set in our solution. Meaning: If you have 20 doors of the same model but with different types of wood, only one shadow profile needs to be created. It sounds much harder than it actually is. Any hobby designer could help you create those shadows. And of course we're happy to help as well. 

Here's a sample pack (pngs and psd) for you to download

Schneider bei der Arbeit


Just for you

If you have an idea how we can improve DoorVision to fit your needs, please don't hesitate to let us know. 
Many of our customers ask for APIs to automatically pull the doors from their current stock. Others wanted the possibility to change the door handle as well. Also if you need more filtering options, we're happy to assist you. Even if you'd like to have a fully custom frontend according to your CI guidelines, we got your back. 

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